6 Rare Breeds Of Dogs

When you go out, sometimes you will come across dogs of a rare breed. You don’t usually see them. The dog owners must have bought them from somewhere far. The rare dog breeds are found in small numbers, but they are very valuable. Dog lovers always seek these rare breed dogs. Here you will learn about some of the rare breed dogs.


It is a Malaysian breed dog, but they also live outside Malaysia. It was originally bred by the Orang Asli indigenous people to stay safe in their homes built from stilts. These dogs had an unusual climbing ability, and they were very efficient in catching vermin, thus helping the indigenous people to live comfortably in their homes.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

These dogs have been present even before AD 750.

But today, they are considered to be a rare breed. They are smart, agile, and swift, which makes them good for hunting. These dogs are sometimes hairless, and their bare skin appears in different colours.

Bedlington Terrier

These dogs look like lambs. They have a curly and pale-coloured wool coat. They are very athletic and are used for catching vermin and racing purposes. Their body structure helps them to run fast.


These dogs come from Friesland, which is a province in the Netherlands. At present, only 4,000 of them exist. They are good for hunting. They are kept as guard dogs too. They are very efficient in catching vermin such as rats and moles.


These dogs are from Hungary, and they are very active. They can get rid of rodents fast. They are good hunters too. As pets, many pet owners enjoy their company because they are happy when you take them on long walks.

Tibetan Mastiff

They are huge and are known for their kind expression. They have a beautiful double coat. They have a watchful and independent nature which makes them good guardian dogs.

This rare breed of dog has different physical features and mental attributes. You won’t see them regularly in your neighbourhood. We must protect these rare breeds.