Training Dogs In Agility Sports

Agility is a popular sport for dogs. In many dog clubs, this competition is arranged. If you want your dog to participate in agility sport, then you should train the dog properly. In agility training, the dog will have to go through a timed obstacle course that includes walkways, jumps, weave poles, and tunnels.

Agility training is very beneficial for dogs. It keeps them physically healthy and mentally stimulated. The agility sport is a competition in which the dogs’ race to complete the obstacles fast and with fewer mistakes. Here are some tips for training your dog for agility sports.

Start training the dog early

You should start training your dog for agility sports from the age of 1 or 2. However, you should talk to your vet before starting the training.

This is because your puppy may not have the physical strength to do the training, especially the jumps. You should start the training by teaching the basic obedience like sit down, stay, or come. You should next join a dog club where your dog can get proper agility training as they have the right facilities.

Teach contact obstacles

Your dog should learn the contact obstacles like the teeter-totter, A-frame, and the dog walk. The A-frame is a walkway that is shaped like a cone. You should train your dog to walk up the steep incline and come down the other side.

The dog walks have ramps on either end, and the dog must walk on the ramp. Your dog must also learn to walk across the teeter-totter. The dog must touch specific spots on the sides of the obstacles with at least one paw. You can train the dog by leaving treats on the obstacles.

Teach jumps

If your dog is fit for jumps, then you should start this training. You shouldn’t start too high initially. The bar must be 1 or 2 inches from the ground for dogs of a medium and large breed. You should keep the dog on the leash to teach jumps.

These are the basics the dog should learn to participate in the sport. You should also teach the tunnels and moving on weave poles. These activities are easy to teach, and you can get your dog ready for the competition on time.